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The Real SF Tour prides itself on being an authentic experience, so all of our guides are San Francisco residents. Not everybody can be a native San Franciscan but we look for folks who have lived here long enough to know the city and the transit system in depth. We also like to make sure that everyone who works with us is plugged into S.F.’s culture, we are painters, and photographers, and performers and surfers and cyclists, rock climbers. We also take great care to train our guides to make every tour a five star experience for you, we want the Real SF Tour to be a true standout on your journey to this great city!


Born and raised in Eastern Europe Katya moved to San Francisco as a teenager and the city has been her home ever since. She has spent most of her 20 years in San Francisco bartending in various bars and clubs throughout the city or sailing the SF bay as a first mate on a tour cruise. She loves meeting people and sharing her knowledge and her affection for the city. Her other passions include learning about different cultures and cuisines, experiencing new places, snowboarding, mountain climbing and riding her beat up motorcycle. She speaks fluent Russian and Bulgarian as well as conversational Spanish. After traveling in over 30 countries and 10 states, she still confidently calls SF her favorite city in the world.


From growing up in Seattle, to following the sun to San Diego, to singing with bands in San Francisco, Robin has lived her whole life on the West Coast. In her Seattle years she studied music, sociology/psychology, fine arts and theater. Upon arriving in San Francisco in the year 2000 she immediately decided that this city was home and it was here that she would stay- and perform!…. A major part of her life experiences come from the food and beverage industry as she grew up working in the restaurant business. She is a skilled bartender who has worked in many different type of environments- from dive bars to night clubs to corporate events to teaching classes in the bar industry. But her deepest passions revolve around the performing arts. She has acted with theater groups and sang in rock and blues bands throughout the Bay Area.  Here on The Real SF Tour she gets to combine her love for the city and history of San Francisco along with her passion for creating a fun, memorable experience for groups of people. Showing visitors around beautiful San Francisco is a great time for her, and she thoroughly enjoys the amazing people she gets to meet along the way. 




Chris is a San Francisco Native who has spent his entire life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chris has 5 years formal experience as a tour guide and 10 years of experience as an award winning photography teacher, and he has been showing people the city of San Francisco his entire life.

The inspiration for The Real SF Tour came from a combination of elements. First was simply wanting to share his lifelong passion for this amazing city. That combined with people finishing the traditional tours he was guiding saying they had a great time but also asking “what do we do next?”. Of course Chris always had great suggestions but also always had the burning desire to show visitors the city beyond the tourist attractions. Finally while waiting for the bus one day, iphone in hand, he realized that because of the new technology you could actually use the public transit system to create the most authentic tour of San Francisco with the city itself providing the experience. The result is The Real SF Tour.

In addition to his experience as a guide and teacher Chris has been a street photographer for almost 20 years. This passion for documenting street culture has taken Chris many places in the city that others have not seen. His passion extends beyond the city into the natural treasures of the region. Chris grew up rock climbing, river rafting, spelunking, hiking/backpacking, mountain biking and is currently an avid surfer. He is also an experienced guide for Wine Country, Yosemite, Big Sur and Monterey, and Muir Woods. So if your interested in some sweet single track some nice wine, or a tasty Nor Cal wave or any combination, make sure and give The Real SF Tour a call.