sf-chronicle-logo 1. Macondray Lane, San Francisco There was always something interesting going on at 28 Barbary Lane. In Armistead Maupin‘s “Tales of the City,” Barbary Lane is home for an adventuresome little band of locals. Listen closely and you might hear Mary Ann Singleton and Anna Madragil chatting in the garden as you stroll along this leafy path on Russian Hill. Explore it on your own or as part of the daylong Real SF Tour ($50). (888) 973-8687, www.therealsftour.com.

—Audrey Medina

San Francisco Chronicle
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“The Real SF tour is a proud native San Franciscan’s dream of showing everyone his city. Not the City you see from a tour bus but the “Real San Francisco” locals see everyday just living in it’s neighborhoods. This tour is perfect for those guests who come to the desk and say “I want to go where the locals go.” Or anyone else who wants to see the city from the view of a San Franciscan native.”

—Jenny Cunha

San Francisco Concierge Association

the-sac-bee-logo-2 “From the start of the tour you know your in good hands” “Tour Guide Chris Courtney does what many other guides cannot: He makes you feel like a local” “Scooting people on and off city buses, hiking up and down hills and through neighborhoods usually ignored by tourists, Courtney is determined to give visitors a tour of the real San Francisco” “I love this city and I’m passionate about sharing it with people” “What really made a difference for me was technology, Using apps and an iPhone, you can determine when the next bus is coming, so there’s more tour less waiting.” “…As the afternoon progresses we abandon buses ..hopping on the J Church Streetcar..where views of downtown San Francisco make you feel like you’re in a movie.” “True to his word, Courtney has shared his hometown passion and revealed, certainly not all, but at least a generous portion of real San Francisco.”

—Chad Jones

Sacramento Bee 2011
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san-jose-mercury-news-logo-3 “More than discovering local pathways, hidden gardens, gallery alleys and rooftop views, the tour seems merely an introduction, expanding my comfort zone for exploring more of the city on my own.”

—Marta Yamamoto

San Jose Mercury News
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huff-post “The other day, I heard from a friend about a great little insider’s walking tour that gives you a glimpse of this city’s best-kept secrets and inventions. The Real San Francisco Tour takes you through a sampling of the city’s public art, offers a peek at that birthplace of fine art photography, and treats you to a stroll in a park designed by a landscape architect who, incidentally, first popularized the concept of the patio in the United States. [And you also get to take in those vistas and sample the great food,..."

—JD Beltran

Huffington Post SF Blog
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